Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers..

What Does A Roof Do?

By definition a roof is the outer layer of a house or shelters upper covering. Roofs come in all shapes and sizes depending on what it is they are covering. A roofs basic purpose is to protect and secure occupants of whatever the roof is attached to. And that is what roofers Bournemouth make sure of. For example a car roof protects drivers from the rain and other weather conditions that would make it harder for the driver to actually drive. This is why you won’t ever see people with convertibles driving with the roof down when the weather outside is extreme. Roofs serve other purposes too such as housing gutters and different types of roof also serve different purposes depending on the specific needs of the building they are attached to.

What’s The Difference Between A Roof & A Ceiling?

Tiled RoofA roof is the outer upper layer of a house. Car. Or shelter. A roof has to be more rugged than it is attractive. This is why even though some roofs can be aesthetically pleasing most roofs look the same with similar designs and functions. A Ceiling on the other hand is the inner upper layer of a room. And therefore does not have to be as rugged as an outer roof. This is thanks to the outer roof protecting your ceiling from rain and other weather that could cause your ceiling problems if it were to become exposed. Luckily we work on both so you won’t have to call different companies out if the damage to your roof has consequently allowed the elements to damage your ceilings.

How Much Does It Cost To Put On A New Roof?

A new roof can be expensive. But to give someone a rough estimate on a roof without seeing and inspecting the roof beforehand could prove futile. Especially once a specialist has seen the roof in person. It’s best to get a quotation or consultation from a professional. Before going ahead or agreeing to having your roof fixed. Even if you’ve been given a rough estimation. Luckily we offer free quotes to all customers. Carried out by experienced professionals so you know you’re getting the most accurate quote possible.


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