Preventative Maintenance

Roof inspection Constantly replacing tiles is more inconvenient than having a new roof after all. The roof, just like any part of our home, should receive proper care and preventive maintenance.

We only compel to check the roof when our convenience is at stake. For example, during heavy rains and you happen to experience the leaks coming from the attic.

The roof is our ultimate home cover. We can only do minor repairs and patches. For bigger roof problems, we need to call the help of expert roofers Bournermouth and builders. Premature roof failure is almost always caused by neglect of preventative maintenance.

A roof inspection by an experienced roofer is suggested at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall, and after extreme weather conditions, such as hail, heavy rain and high winds, to check for any damage on the roof.

How to start a roof maintenance?

Residential roofing companyA big thank you for starting any preventative roof maintenance program is creating a file of all records associated with that roof, which may include warranties, repairs and maintenance, past inspections, and original drawings and specifications of the building.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the preventive maintenance program is to achieve maximum roof life at the lowest possible cost. It is therefore essential to keep accurate records of the history of each roof for its overall maintenance.

here are several basic preventative measures that property managers and building owners can take throughout the year to extend the life of a roof and discourage water infiltration, including removing debris like leaves, branches, dirt and debris from gutters, scuppers, downspouts and drains. to ensure good water drainage.

Maintenace of metal roof components

Metal shinglesMaintain metal roof components such as flashings, expansion joints and slope pockets in good working order by replacing deteriorated sealants, painting rust and making necessary repairs in order to maintain all things.

This is often the case with DIY roofing jobs because aluminum is more easily bent and easier to understand. This is usually done for looks. It is most common on historic homes or homes with unique roofing materials including full copper roofs.

Another material that will be used for the flash is PVC plastic. This material is cheaper than metal and easier to chop and work. However, it is not as durable. When exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, PVC plastic tends to break down very quickly and become useless.

What Are the Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Roof?


Composition roofShingles can roll up in two ways. There are suction cups, which occur when the sides of the shingles face up. And there are claws, that is, when the sides remain flat and therefore the middle begins to rise.

Both are signs of tampering and indicate that problems – potentially leaks – are relatively about to materialize.

Why the shingles start to twist?

The time you have left counts on the extent of curling, it can take anywhere from a year to 5 years before you want a replacement roof. Curling shingles are a typical roofing problem. Once they need to be buckled up, they’ll slowly expose the roof below and cause tons of injuries.

In some cases, you will need to replace the loop shingles with new ones. Or if the damage is too much, you will need a whole new roof. Here are the explanations why the shingles start to twist and therefore the solutions.

Curling shingles and suction cups are a sign that something is wrong with your roof. Suction occurs when the middle of the shingle becomes concave or depressed, therefore the tile forms a cup. Curling is when the edges lift up.

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